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Nick Chase

My first notable food experience was in France.  I spent a few weeks outside of Paris as part of a student exchange program.  We were out at the family farm having a picnic and part of the meal was a fresh radish split into quarters and smeared with that fabled, uber-rich, French butter.  The spiciness of the radish perfectly complimenting the rich, creaminess of the butter.  I didn't know it then, but on that day, at that table, with the light breeze and the warm sun, it was one of the most defining moments of my life.

That radish started me on a journey that has led me through one of the best culinary schools in the country, through 7 years of cooking in New York City, through grueling years in world renowned kitchens, under internationally famous chefs.  I have eaten in the best restaurants in the country and still, that radish is more memorable than any dish I've made or eaten.  There was something magical about the way it all came together.  They grew radishes, so we ate radishes, they raised cattle, so we churned butter.  They loved and cared about the land and the animals and it showed in that exquisitely simplistic flavor combination.  

When I recognized the need for a traditional butcher here in Fort Collins I knew that I could take this philosophy of care and love for the animals and the land and promote it through the butcher shop. Because we eventually slaughter and eat these animals I am committed to sourcing my meats through farmers that use humane and sustainable practices.  I am committed to using all of my care and skills to create beautiful and delicious food for you and to not waste or disrespect the life of the animals we consume.  Ribeyes or radishes, if we don't care for and love the land and the animals that we raise or grow we risk losing a valuable part of our culture and traditions.  I am starting Friendly Nick's Butcher to help bring us back to a way of eating that connects us to where our food comes from.  

Our Values

At Friendly Nick’s Butcher, we believe that the primary philosophy of the business it to provide the employees with a comfortable, friendly, safe, and fun work environment.  We believe that people should work to live and that the quality of life for our employees is paramount to their happiness, our happiness, and the success of the business.  We believe that the animals we consume should be treated humanely, raised using sustainable methods that has minimal impact on the environment, and generally cared about and respected for what they provide us. We believe that everyone should have access to high quality meat and the customers should be offered an opportunity to talk one on one with an educated butcher that has their best interest in mind and can provide tips and advice that surpasses their expectations.  Our core values can best be summed up like this: We desire to provide our employees, our animals, and our customers with a higher standard of living.